Yoga classes are listed alphabetically. Classes with limits may be reserved when you purchase your all-access festival pass. Free "open" classes do not require advance registration and may be taken on a drop-in basis.

Size restricted classes - specifically, Aerial Silks and Mommy & Me Butterfly - are an additional $10 that can be added to your shopping cart when you buy your festival pass online.

 Acro Yoga with Kage Free

Part acrobatics part yoga, AcroYoga elevates the connection between you and others through movement, connection, and play. Coached by former Cirque du Soleil performer and Shoot Dangs' banjo player Kage Free.

Aerial Silks 101 for Kids with Teal Rogers & Kage Free

No experience necessary! Kids are naturals on silks! We start with the basic maneuvers in this hands-on course using an aerial tripod. Kinds will get to “hang” out as they learn foundational concepts and start progressing into a dynamic series of moves that will be sure to wear them out, in a good way! Participants must wear fitted workout clothing with no zippers or jewelry - no exceptions made! This class is geared towards students 8+. 1:6 teacher/student ratio; Max 12 kids. + $10.

 Aerial Silks 101 for Adults with Teal Rogers & Kage Free

No experience necessary! This class is the perfect way to spark your interest in aerial silks while firing up your core! Learn basic maneuvers in this hands-on course using an aerial tripod. You will get the “hang” of the foundational concepts and start progressive into a dynamic series of moves that will be sure to wear you out, in a good way! Participants must wear fitted workout clothing with no zippers or jewelry - no exceptions made! This class is geared towards students 18+. 1:6 teacher/student ratio; max 12 adults. Pass + $10

Aerial Silks private lessons with Teal Rogers

On Sunday from 11am-2pm Teal offers private instruction for 101 students who want more. $30/30minutes.

Buti Yoga with Teal Rogers

Buti is a tribe of empowered women who support each other in their quest for health and happiness. The movement methodology is drawn from primal movement, tribal dance and ancient yoga techniques to awaken the Shakti energy and free the mind. Let your hair down and movement flow in this HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) yoga course. Free with Festival Pass.

Laughter Yoga - Ho Ho, Ha Ha Ha to Health! with Mike "Mr. Mirth" BorkNo yoga pants needed! Laughter Yoga (Hasya Yoga) combines mirthful, non-humor based laughter exercises with deep yogic breathing (Yoga Prana). This combination of belly laughing and deep breathing produces an aerobic and cardiovascular exercise, unlike anything you have ever experienced! You will boost your mood and energy, oxygenate your blood, lower your blood pressure, and fight the effects of stress - - - all by laughing! No kidding! Laughter Yoga can be done by anyone - literally anyone! In Mr. Mirth's weekly Laughter Yoga Class in Fairbanks, he has a 15-month old student and a 96-year old student - IN THE SAME CLASS! This exercise can be done by all ability and mobility levels, and is perfect for everyone! Come and find out what this crazy-sounding, but whole-body beneficial activity is all about. Aerial Silk Artist Teal Rogers of Golden Heart Performing Arts said: "I laughed so hard, I almost peed my pants! Thanks Mike!" What more can we add to that? Free and open to the public.

Ease Into Yoga with Kate Amerell

Move with confidence as we learn and explore foundational poses and sun salutations.  Breathe and feel great in your body. Good for the beginner or experienced practitioner that wants to spend a little more time in each pose. Free with Festival Pass.

FamiLaughter Yoga with Mike "Mr. Mirth" Bork

Family Fun with Laughter Yoga! Laughing is a great bonding activity, so bring the whole family to Mr. Mirth's FamiLaughter Yoga! Laughter Yoga combines yogic deep breathing (Yoga Prana) with non-humor-based, laughter exercises. Basically, we stand, jump, bounce, and play around in a group, laughing and making eye contact the whole time! Using hearty belly laughter, we are exercising our bodies, improving our mood, boosting our energy, and having a a family! Everyone is invited to join Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Michael "Mr. Mirth" Bork in a new way to have fun and exercise that will crack you up! Free and open to the public.

Fiery Flow Yoga with Meg McKinney

Active, strong poses sequenced together in a flow that will energize and make you sweat.  High energy Alaska-style fun.  Get ready to move, laugh, and challenge yourself! Free with Festival Pass.

Hatha Slow Flow with Tara McMurray

The term ‘hatha’ simply put expresses the physical practice of yoga.  By mindfully linking poses, we dive into a unique ebb and flow connected by breath.  This all-level class is for those looking to slow down and re-integrate with their surroundings in the present moment.  You’ll promote physical endurance, strengthen mental focus and become the bridge between movement and stillness in your practice. Free with Festival Pass.

Low-Impact Laughter Yoga - Great for people with mobility challenges with Mike "Mr. Mirth" Bork

This Laughter Yoga Class is nearly identical to the Community Class, with one major difference: This is a lower impact, seated program, which is easier on the body for seniors and others with mobility or flexibility difficulties. While lower impact, this class will still include the same type of laughter exercises and deep breathing. This class is hugely popular in Fairbanks, where the residents at Raven Landing Senior Center have been laughing for a year. While this class is lower impact, it is still perfect for all ages and abilities and is a great class to share with friends. Laughter is great medicine, no doubt, but it is also a great social activity! Make new friends! Laughter Yoga will leave you energized, happier, less stressed, and breathing better than you have before! Free and open to the public.

Mom+Me Butterfly Yoga with Teal Rogers

Let your wings down and begin to flow in this dynamic yoga practice geared toward first time yogis and their children (ages 5+ please). Butterfly wings will be available for this class in multiple color combinations; be sure to dress bright and bring a waterbottle. No experience is necessary. Max 15 adults and 20 children. Festival Pass + $10

Rise & Shine Yoga with Tara McMurray

Waking bodies tend to be stiff, swollen and rigid.  Whether you’re a climber, groupie, new or practicing yogi, we all need movement to free our bodies from stale and stagnant energy.  Stand tall and greet the adventures ahead by pairing dynamic poses and sun salutations with longer and steadier holds.  You’ll focus on upper and lower body mobility while awakening the power of the core. Free with Festival Pass.

Yin-Yang Yoga with Michelle Worby

A quieter practice consisting of poses being held for 3-5 minutes.  Focus is on the opening of connective tissue of the eight key joints, thus rejuvenating and distributing Chi (energy) throughout the body.  Most of yin and yang is done seated or laying down on the yoga mat. Free with Festival Pass.

















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