We are committed to enhancing the Valdez lifestyle by embracing and celebrating the adventure sports lifestyle.


We intend to grow the region's economy by acting as a sports commission focused on pursuing opportunities to expand the number and scope of mountain sports events held here each year. We will create a professional event production machine committed to impeccable execution.


We will bring economic benefit to the region through direct and indirect jobs creation and creating a more vibrant year-round business climate. We will give visitors a reason to come back more often. A more vibrant business community will encourage residents to stay year round and raise families here. Our events will generate revenue streams that begin to level out the peaks and troughs of the annual retail and hospitality industry cash flow.  

Our metrics will include the following:

- Year-over-year sales data from representative stakeholder businesses

- Bed tax revenues

- Social Media Engagement (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Web site visits)

- Earned Media (PR) for Valdez 


We will partner with allied businesses and organizations at the local, state and national level for professional expertise and grants. 

We will partner with the City of Valdez to support bike and pedestrian friendly policies, programs, grant seeking and infrastructure projects not only because of the value to visitors but also because of the benefits to local residents by increased physical activity.